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Osho Chakra Breathing Meditation [CD] Music by Kamal

Osho Chakra Breathing Meditation [CD]
Music by Kamal

Product no. 33202 Available since 23.11.2020 Label OSHO Foundation/SILENZIO EAN/UPC 4036067332026 Price reductions

18.95 €
incl. 19%

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This active meditation uses deep, rapid breathing and body movement to open and bring awareness, vitality and silence to each of the seven chakras and thus into your life. The accompanying music and bells energetically support the process and indicate the beginning of each stage. The meditation is best done on an empty stomach.

All chakras lie deep within, rather than on the surface of the body. The following “map” is used to indicate their approximate locations:

      1. base chakra: the sex center, lower pelvis

      2. sacral chakra: just below the navel

      3. solar plexus chakra: above the navel, below the breastbone

      4. heart chakra: the middle of the chest

      5. throat chakra: the throat

      6. third eye chakra: between the eyebrows

      7. crown chakra: top of the head

The meditation is to be done with its specific OSHO Chakra Breathing Meditation music.

The meditation instructions are included with the CD in English and are also available for download in numerous languages as a digital booklet. In addition to every meditation, you can find the right video to practice on YouTube. Enjoy!


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