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The Green Planet


Taking care of valuable resources is of major importance according to our lively environmental protection policy. Here some examples showing how Silenzio is contributing in this matter presently and for the welfare of future generations.

We are using only regenerative energy sources since 2006 already. Our pellet heating system in combination with solar panels produces enough heating and warm water for our complete company building with a size of 1800 square meters.

On more of 200 square meters we produce our own electricity. The photovoltaic panels cover our complete needs of one year, and we deliver excessive energy to the local power net even.

The green space of our site are getting supplied with water by the nearby creek Trubach, saving many thousands liters of water from the tap.

By using a smart management for printing we were able to reduce our paper consumption for 70%.

The complete lighting is set up with energy saving lights (LED). When investing into new technical equipment (computer, printer, server, packing machines etc.) we take care of buying devices needing as little energy as possible.

The front refurbishment of our building with full thermal protection and the triple glass paneling for windows and doors contribute to the environmental efficiency on top.

Plastic waste pollutes our environment and nature. Therefore we’ve decided to use only plastic-free packing material for our shipments. Boxes, pocket envelopes, fillings and sticky tapes are made of recycled paper only.

We constantly keep on thinking about how to advance with our efforts for an efficient environmental protection. Your ideas on this matter will be very welcome. We are looking forward to receiving your input here.