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About us

Everything began in 1988 when I finalized my mercantile education at a small music publishing company – two employees, a dozen of highly talented and passionate musicians, a recording studio, a small warehouse, and a very manageable market characterized the situation at those times. Spiritual music was considered as church music, but spiritually based New Age Music was absolutely new.

It was my privilege at those days working together with highly talented musicians such as Anugama, Karunesh, Deuter and many more. They became the music pioneers of our times, times full of change. I started my own record company in 1993 not knowing what’s going to happen. There were a few visions, some contacts and a lot of ambition. Everything started running like this without pressure and doggedness, just flowing….

I became instantly fascinated by recognizing that music has the capacity of connecting people from different cultures. Music as universal language, language of the world, without barriers, no need to explain something, pure emotion, unfiltered and authentic. This is what  our philosophy is made of…and the silence…Silenzio. I recall many discussions regarding this subject: “Silence, that is a contradiction to music itself”. Really? Only by silence music is finding its true identity!


T H E   S P I R I T   O F   S O U N D   A N D   S I L E N C E

This is our message, the core statement for all our activities. There are over 800 musicians in the meantime worldwide we are working together according to that spirit. Our business relationships are based on fairness and carefulness with mutual respect. Those are the fundamentals for a long term and trustworthy cooperation beyond borders.

Thanks a lot for visiting our site. You may find many products for your wellbeing and there’s a lot to discover, to see and to hear. We will be glad to getting to know about both your creative inspirations and your criticism if occurring.

We are wishing lots of joy with our product, and:  keep on being authentic!

Sincerely Yours
Saeed Zargar Talebi
and the Silenzio Team