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All the Earth is Sacred [CD] Darling Khan, Susannah & Friends

All the Earth is Sacred [CD]
Darling Khan, Susannah & Friends

Product no. 32052 Available since 03.02.2014 Label Second Wave Production EAN/UPC 5060366780201 Price reductions

18.95 €
incl. 19%

VAT, plus delivery

Available immediately

All the Earth is Sacred" is an album 12 of Susannah's medicine songs, beautifully recorded with great musicians, for listening, singing and dancing, some tender, some upbeat - a beautiful spectrum of love songs for the earth; songs from the heart, for the heart. The songs on this album are: 1) All the Earth is Sacred 2) Sun Song 3) Oceans of Life 4) Winds of Change 5) Forest Whispers 6) Oh Mother 7) Courage my Soul 8) Imbabura 9) Oh Lord God 10) Divine Mother 11) Day by Day 12) Earth under our Feet. Its been a pure joy to make, and we imagine it will be a joy to play, too! "Susannah Darling Khan offers us a gift of exquisite medicine songs, gathering us in a circle of loving, prayerful creation with the earth and all her peoples."

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