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Theta Healing Vol. 1 [CD] Pogrzeba, Jost

Theta Healing Vol. 1 [CD]
Pogrzeba, Jost

Product no. 30501 Available since 03.10.2009 Label TransforMusic EAN/UPC 4036067305013 Price reductions

18.95 €
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This music has been composed for a very special meditation

level - the theta level.

When awake, we are in the beta level; in this case the brain

has a frequency of approx. 18 - 28 Hertz. Shortly before

going to sleep and during normal meditation, our cerebral

activity falls around 12 Hertz. This is known as the alpha

level, where the body enters relaxation. Only a few people

manage to reach the theta level by themselves - Indian

yogis for example. In this case, cerebral activity falls to

approx. 4 Hertz and the subconscious mind can therefore

open up almost completely. Blockades now resolve and you

can let go.


This music helps you to reach your theta level and return

from it, as if on a rope. Thats pure relaxation and is optimally

suited for relaxation therapists and therapies.



Please do not listen to that music when driving a car !

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