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The Sorcerer´s Daughter [CD] Goodall, Medwyn

The Sorcerer´s Daughter [CD]
Goodall, Medwyn

Product no. 12056 Available since 01.03.2006 Label MG Music EAN/UPC 0189772000798 Price reductions

19.95 €
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After almost 18 months since Medwyn's previous release, we are at last delighted to release this wonderful album. The beginning of a new vibrant emotional Celtic series. Melodic, graceful and moving. Celtic instruments flow and interweave with orchestral strings, flutes, Guitar and piano in what is essentially an emotional portrait of a beautiful woman, but no ordinary woman. A woman blessed with ancient wisdom and magical power, but coming to terms with that she is the last of her bloodline and kind. As the magic in the earth fades she knows the ancient ways are to be preserved some how. With an immortal Owl and guardian a sacred journey begins and a prophecy is fulfilled. Part Two - coming 2007 - The RUNE CASTER Each album is self contained and complete. One does not need the entire set to enjoy or understand each individual title.

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