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Surrender To The Divine [CD] Fe, Eliana

Surrender To The Divine [CD]
Fe, Eliana

Product no. 34639 Available since 17.04.2019 Label Eliana Fe EAN/UPC 9783982085807 Price reductions

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The album Surrender to the Divine allows us to dive deep into the stillness of the omnipresent oneness and simultaneously opens us to the love of the divine being in its wonderful diversity. The voice of Eliana Fe lets something resonate within us. Something that lies beyond tangible words, something that widens, releases, strengthens one’s own devotion and brings peace. Sound becomes silence and silence becomes sound, and in some songs, expressive devotion. Lovers of classical music will find here an album by a classically trained opera and concert singer, who has set mantras and bhajan texts to music in a new, classical way. Even those who never listen to classical music or to mantras or bhajans are touched by the harmonious piano arrangements by Daniel Scholz and the warm soprano voice of Eliana Fe. Gema free

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