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Visions and Dreams [2CDs] van Baaren, Sabine & Joggerst, Mark

Visions and Dreams [2CDs]
van Baaren, Sabine & Joggerst, Mark

Product no. 32555 Available since 01.03.2015 Label MUVI EAN/UPC 4020796454159 Price reductions

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What happens when a spiritual healer and a film composer meet? The result is the double album Visions and Dreams. On the first CD, "Visions", the two musicians describe the search for the meaning of our existence, asking life's big questions: Who am I, Where do I come from and Where am I going? These are songs that deal with the theme: "Remember Who You Are." Then if you'd to delve even deeper into the sound world of these two wonderful musicians, we invite you to listen to the second CD, "Dreams". Here are eleven dreams, basically without lyrics. If there are lyrics, these are in an archaic language that has arisen as spontaneously as the music itself, right along with it. Van Baaren and Joggerst entered the studio without guidelines and were lead intuitively through a musical fantasy world. Some of these journeys were subsequently orchestrated by Joggerst. All of them lead the listener through a world full of rich imagery, open spaces and mystical beauty.
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