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Uplifting Mantras for You [CD] Sarab Deva

Uplifting Mantras for You [CD]
Sarab Deva

Product no. 31960 Available since 01.11.2013 Label Peace of Eden EAN/UPC 6009801264721 Price reductions

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Sarab Deva can be translated literally from Sanskrit as 'universal divinity’; hence this album is a culmination of mantras from different faiths and lineages. Most of the mantras on this album originate directly or indirectly from Sanskrit (spoken as Tibetan, Hindi and Gurmukhi) and all with slightly differing pronunciation. The sounds of the mantras on this album have been especially selected for self-development and personal growth, with the intention to not only provide yoginis with beautiful music for their practice, but also reach out to people who may never have had the opportunity to be exposed to mantras, and yet may benefit greatly from these seeds of higher consciousness. The album carries a non-denominational message, but one that reaches those with an open heart to hear the beauty in the music and the inner wisdom that transcends all conventions. Even though this album contains many unusual sounds and effects, all of these were created using real acoustic and electric instruments with analogue equipment. In order to preserve the purity of the mantras’ vibrations no pitch correction was used on vocals to ensure that the whole mantra can be heard as it would be in an actual kirtan. A brief explanation is given in the CD insert for each mantra, expressing what they mean, and what they can be used for. Chanting any of these mantras with a sincere heart and a positive intention causes positive things to happen.
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