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The Matrix Energetics Experience [6CDs+1DVD] Bartlett, Richard D.C., N.D.

The Matrix Energetics Experience [6CDs+1DVD]
Bartlett, Richard D.C., N.D.

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Science has spent centuries trying to define the laws of the universe. But in this modern era of breakthroughs and quantum physics, what have we finally learned? 'It turns out that the laws of the universe are just waiting for us to break them,' explains Richard Bartlett. With The Matrix Energetics Experience, this extraordinary teacher invites you to learn the art of rewriting any rule of your reality—about your health, your happiness, or even your understanding of what is physically possible.What is Matrix Energetics? Born from a set of potent energetic treatments that Bartlett discovered in his chiropractic practice, Matrix Energetics has evolved into a 'technology of consciousness' for insight, healing, spiritual growth—and living a life unbound by the limits we have been trained to believe in. 'Once you learn to catch the wave of Matrix Energetics, it can become whatever you let it,' Bartlett explains. 'Some of my students have developed abilities I’ve never dreamed of having.'As quantum physics implies, we live in a universe made of consciousness and light, where what we think of as 'real' can shift as quickly as our minds let it. Now Richard Bartlett takes you on a freewheeling, playful,and possibility-expanding journey that will shatter your preconceptions about the seemingly 'solid' universe we live in—and how unlimited your potential to change it truly is. If you are ready to embrace a reality where anything goes, miracles happen, and nothing is beyond your reach, then you are ready for The Matrix Energetics Experience.
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