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Temples of the Himalayan Masters[CD] Merlino

Temples of the Himalayan Masters [CD]

Product no. 12091 Available since 01.05.2008 Label Aquarius Intl' Music Europe EAN/UPC 0600525209126 Price reductions
18.95 €
incl. 19%

VAT, plus delivery

No longer available!
Fly high on the wings of your spirit. Feel the presence of the beings of light guarding your journey to the vast and hidden places of the Himalayas. Celestial soundscapes carry and guide you. You are floating with the clearing power of the holy waters of Ganga. At times you hear chanting monks from the temple of Swami Shivananda in Rishikesh, the holy place at the foot of the Himalayas. Charged by this energy you will be taken away to the highest and most secret places of light where the great masters dwell. They will give you blessings and initiation. The messages of the Saints move from heart to heart...they reach your mind telepathically by the third eye. Get free... devote yourself entirely... be blessed...!

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