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Spheres [CD] Akasha Project

Spheres [CD]
Akasha Project

Product no. 32855 Available since 15.05.2016 Label Klangwirkstoff Records EAN/UPC 4036067328555 Price reductions

19.95 €
incl. 19%

VAT, plus delivery

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Spheres contains two discs: Outside and Inside Outside is a musical journey to the fields of planetary archetypes. Each of the 10 titles researches and interprets a specific planetary oscillation. Ten cosmic sound pearls full of soft grooves and convoluted melody formations and epic expanses. Inside leads the listeners deep into the molecular field of quantum music. Using electronic spectroscopy, we can analyze a specific number of exact color values for every substance. Those color oscillations will be lowered about 40 octaves using the octave formula so that we are able to hear them. Atomic electron transitions within the molecule determine which and for how long each tone resounds. Experience the density of the aurum atom, the crystal entanglement of silicium and the harmonic range of the hydrogen atom. Try the octave analogon of powerful components like Delta-9 THC, LSD-25, MDMA and DMT. Spheres - Outside and Inside – the two sides of existence.

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