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SOM - Sound of Mantra[CD] Avramidou, Anna & van Brilleman, Inge

SOM - Sound of Mantra [CD]
Avramidou, Anna & van Brilleman, Inge

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Words are sounds. Mantras are ancient, very powerful words that can also be called “bodies of sound”. The sounds of singing bowls and gongs have accompanied me, Anna Avramidou, for many years, while working with the method of Sound Communication (Klingende Kommunikation/KliK). They have supported me in various processes of my life, and helped me grow and become healthier. We, the Dutch pianist Inge van Brilleman and me, want to tell that story in this “soundical” (derived from musical) SOM. Using the voice, the sounds of singing bowls and our music we want to touch people’s hearts and souls, help them get connected with their innermost self and celebrate
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