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Remember My Name II [CD] Smith, Jocelyn B.

Remember My Name II [CD]
Smith, Jocelyn B.

Product no. 32339 Available since 15.07.2014 Label Jocelyn B. Smith EAN/UPC 4260193680014 Price reductions

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The Divine Names awaken within us a profoundness that enriches our daily lives and brings us closer to the Divine. In this album, the renowned singer Jocelyn Smith brings out the sacred study I have composed involving the language and teachings of the ancient prophets, apostles and mystics who searched daily to find the Oneness of God. By singing, chanting, and using The Holy Names as found in the manuscripts of the biblical languages, the listener is guided to access the deeper planes of God-consciousness and understand the mystical vision of oneness with all humanity through the musical aspects of the soul. Here, as a result of worldwide work, the onrushing sounds of sacred music touch the heart as the mind soars into space. In singing these Names, we also recognize that the Divine is unlimited and the Most High God has many Names for the many splendors of Life. And most importantly we recognize that God is the Source of all that exists, the Cause of all that was, or ever will be. May we be blessed as we sing together.
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