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Planet Healing Voices [CD] Chantal Füssler Project

Planet Healing Voices [CD]
Chantal Füssler Project

Product no. 31092 Available since 01.06.2011 Label Polyglobe Music EAN/UPC 9006639109146 Price reductions

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The planets and stars have fascinated human beings for eons. They represent the miracle, order and secret of creation.. The human being is a small cosmos that bears all planetary powers in itself. The cosmos is a “big human”, a body, and we are its limbs and organs. The vision leading to the development of this CD was that of a tonal communication between humans and the cosmos through the diverse capabilities of the human voice which has the ability to make the world of overtones audible. Those overtones represent an inner space, a stabilising harmony and order. This CD aims at reflecting the cosmic order in overtone singing and presents the individual quality of the dynamics and energetics of the planetary powers within free voice improvisation. Like the planets, constantly sending us their cosmic music through their vibrations (a music which is probably not heard any more, only because it was always there), we are transferred into a state of deep resonance disposition and return what is moved in ourselves – what is echoing – to the world and to the cosmos.

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