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Midday Vol. 11/3 für Erfolg 10-13 Uhr [CD] Lal, Anant & Shankar, Daya

Midday Vol. 11/3 für Erfolg 10-13 Uhr [CD]
Lal, Anant & Shankar, Daya

Product no. 04743 Available since 01.12.1999 Label MTC EAN/UPC 8713544001892 Price reductions
18.95 €
incl. 19%

VAT, plus delivery

No longer available!
Gandharva Veda is the essence of Nature expressed as music. Now, under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, many of India's most renowed musicians have joined in a worldwide revival of this eternal music of the Nature to give its profound benefits to all of mankind. By playing this music you will neutralize stress and promote harmony, peace, and balance in your life and in your environment. According to the Vedish Texts, playing this particular melody helps to increase success in life. Peace and wisdom and intelligence unfold.
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