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Mantras for Heart'n'Soul [CD] Shankari - Susanne Hill

Mantras for Heart'n'Soul [CD]
Shankari Susanne Hill

Product no. 34651 Available since 19.05.2019 Label Shankari Susanne Hill EAN/UPC 4015749702135 Price reductions

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Mantra Music for Heart'n'Soul - uplifting, deeply moving and light-hearted! Composer, Singer and Multi-Instrumentalist Shankari Susanne Hill combines different musical influences such as Folk, Swing and Classical with an unusual choice of instruments: in addition to piano and bass, concert and bariton ukulele provide a lively groove. Violin, viola and the occasional glockenspiel lead to an unmistakably unique style. Recorded in the natural frequency of 432hz, every single one of the 13 Mantras is an invitation: to listen, to sing along, to dream and to dance! And to connect with our own true nature.

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