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Mantra Miracles [CD] Di Leva, Thomas

Mantra Miracles [CD]
Di Leva, Thomas

Product no. 28818 Available since 01.07.2006 Label United Stage Prod. EAN/UPC 7320470065075 Price reductions

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MANTRA MIRACLESA mantra is divine energy in the form of sound corresponding to the energy centers (chakras) in the body. It is an omnipotent tool to achieve all spiritual and worldly goals in life. Di Leva invites us on a journey through the world of mantras into the realm of eternal love. The album – Mantra Miracles – is a unique musical experience with captivating beauty and mind blowing spiritual power. The CD is also filled with transmission of cosmic light, which is a healing and enlightening divine energy for body and spirit. The album booklet is filled with descriptions and inspiration on how to use the mantras in daily life as a practical dream-fulfilling tool, as well as an experience of pure ecstasy. So enjoy, experience and receive the golden cosmic light from Mantra Miracles. Peace and Happiness to Everybody Everywhere... Om Shanti.
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