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Mantra Mandala - remastered [CD] Bernard, Patrick

Mantra Mandala - remastered [CD]
Bernard, Patrick

Product no. 31534 Available since 15.09.2012 Label Devi Communications EAN/UPC 0609722311380 Price reductions

18.95 €
incl. 19%

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With his Indian tampuras, Middle-East cithers, Japanese gongs, Nepalese cymbals, acoustic guitars and captivating voice, Mantra Mandala invites you on a magical inner journey where the gentle energy of ancient mantras combines to relax the body and free the soul. From the sacred river Ganges to the Gobi desert, from the temples of Bengal to the Arabian caravanserai, discover a world of music that flows from the unexplored regions of the human soul. The origin of some of the mantric chants in this album is lost in the dawn of time, others, like the Sanskrit and Bengali poems, were written by great Vaisnavas such as Narottam dasa and Bhaktivinod Thakur, guardians of the Bhakti tradition and masters of the ancient bhajan or musical adoration chants. These mantric chants, or prayer-chants, reflect the innermost feelings and the synthesis of a profound inner experience. They are mantra, sacred formulas, with the power to vibrate forgotten cords in us. I believe that all cultures carry within themselves a spark of truth, beyond countries, philosophies and religions, all traditions are based on the same realities. The Sanskrit mantras here are voluntarily married to Tibetan and Sufi incantations. Although they remain a mystery to the intellect, they speak to us with the universal language of the heart. Inner World Music

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