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Laguna Vol. 1 [CD] Brel, Andrew & Niles, Richard

Laguna Vol. 1 [CD]
Brel, Andrew & Niles, Richard

Product no. 32893 Available since 04.04.2016 Label Andrew Brel Music EAN/UPC 0888295305624 Price reductions

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Over one hour of music presented in a new age ambient style, instrumentation includes nylon and steel string acoustic guitars, acoustic piano, bouzouki, ethnic, percussive wood and bamboo instruments, singing bowls, wave recordings from Laguna Beach after midnight, birdsong and human and dolphin voices. Inspired by the philosophies of ascended master Krishna Vardu Ghan, Brel and Niles accentuated certain frequencies and used specific musical intervals designed to increase coherent thought, serenity, expansion and happiness. Neuroscience and psychophysiology have shown that eastern meditation produces high-power ‘alpha waves’. This distinct brain pattern corresponds to the state of relaxed inner wakefulness and is strongest in the pre-frontal cortex—the area of the brain associated with executive judgment.
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