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Inner Freedom [CD] Winther, Jane

Inner Freedom [CD]
Winther, Jane

Product no. 35020 Available since 10.07.2023 Label Unisound EAN/UPC 5707471041536 Price reductions

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‚Inner Freedom‘ consists 16 short and precisely composed sounds, combined with a positive affirmation, which in addition to being an emotional balancing act is also a program to correct the body's 14 meridians.


The underlying motivation for creating this album is to focus on liberating and balancing the mind through positive affirmation, followed by acoustic sounds especially from Singing Bowls, Gongs and Bells. All sounds are specifically selected for that particular affirmation: Sound

+ Intention/Affirmation = Effect


These compositions are bookended by ‚Mindful Moments‘ (track 1),a preparation for the sounds /affirmations and 'Inner Freedom Now' (track 16), a powerful closing that reinforces the manifestation of the previous affirmations. The combination of sounds and affirmations creates a bridge between your conscious and subconscious mind.


All 16 tracks have been developed, tested and refined for an extended period with clients in order to optimize the desired effect.

The individual tracks may be employed separately as needed or all together for balancing both the mind and the 14 meridians, etc., on a weekly basis.


The 22-page booklet begins with a brief description of each track - the positive statement /affirmation and the meridian which it balances in the body. For each track, there is also a page of colors and nature images to intensify the effect of the sounds and affirmations.


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