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Horizon [CD] Burhoe, Ty

Horizon [CD]
Burhoe, Ty

Product no. 31730 Available since 12.02.2013 Label Tala Records EAN/UPC 0793573188342 Price reductions

19.95 €
incl. 19%

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I wrote this music specifically to inspire and support states of rest, reflection and meditation. I have dedicated this album to the spirit of Japan following the disaster of march 11th 2011 and to all those who may be in need of rest or healing for any reason what so ever. As is suggested by the ancient tradition of Nada Yoga, all things are being craved into existence by an unseen yet undeniable presence. It is this presence that binds our cells together, gives our world form and maintains the space between the stars. To recognize and feel this presence gives nutrition to our Soul and allows us to live at ease of heart. Meditation is simply the process of arriving more fully into the present (to varying degrees), becoming aware of this presence, which is where so much power, beauty and living is really happening. I pray that this music reminds us to stop and feel the vibrations of our world and the gift of our lives. Thankfulness is indeed the secret ingredient which makes the blessings within our lives become tangible. May you wash in these waters,

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