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Homa Therapie Mantren [CD] Paranjpe, Vasant V.

Homa Therapie Mantren [CD]
Paranjpe, Vasant V.

Product no. 31244 Available since 03.11.2011 Label DGHT EAN/UPC 4036067312448 Price reductions
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Agnihotra is the basic healing pyramid fire. It is the foundation of all other fire techniques: Through regular practice of Agnihotra a purified atmosphere is created which is then strengthened by the additional fire techniques. On this CD you will find the mantras for Agnihotra, for Vyahruti and for the Om Tryambakam Fire. In addition, you will find many more mantras with great effect, which can be sung at any time without fire technique. Mantras develop their power even more through regular singing. Therefore in many Homa centers these additional mantras are chanted daily at 5 o‘clock in the morning. The effect of Sanskrit mantras is based on vibration and resonance Normally Sanskrit mantras are written in Devanagri - an alphabet with 52 letters, one for each different sound - thereby an exact pronunciation is clearly defined. Our Latin alphabet only has 26 letters, therefore a one-to-one transcription from Devanagri is not possible. The mantras on the CD give the correct pronunciation. The following texts of the mantras are an aid to remember them. The accent (´) over vowels means that these vowels are pronounced long.
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