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Gate Gate - The Sound of Falling Leaves [CD] Sunbird, Renée

Gate Gate - The Sound of Falling Leaves [CD]
Sunbird, Renée

Product no. 34020 Available since 07.11.2016 Label Renée G. EAN/UPC 4015749701671 Price reductions

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The music of Renee is very refreshing and unique. She has her own voice and style of expressing a higher truth. The Mantras speak to you in a very personal way. On the second album of Renée Sunbird you can listen to traditional Mantras and new compositions and lyrics. Traditional Mantras are Prema Mata and Jay Ambe. The Sanskrit Mantras Dattatreya (Serenity Prayer), Gayatri Mantra, Shri Ram, Gate Gate and the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra were set to new music and are interwoven with English lyrics. Her music is very suitable for meditation, massage or Yoga class. Renée has a deep understanding of the Indian philosophy and Sanskrit, due to her university Master degree of Indology (Sanskrit) and Philosophy. She has a direct and intuitive approach to the mantras Thomas Barquee produced the CD with love for detail and clarity. „Truth is: There is no Truth. Everything is constantly changing, going from one state to the next. Gate Gate Paragate If you look closer and observe, you realize that everything is empty. Where does the snowflake go, when it melts? The teardrop, when it dries? Laughter, when it fades away? Parasamgate And everywhere the same truth is waiting. Knowing that everything is empty, truth is shining through everything that is. Bodhisvaha Truth is: There is no truth.“ Renée Sunbird

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