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Entranced [CD] Mantra Tribe

Entranced [CD]
Mantra Tribe

Product no. 34681 Available since 21.08.2019 Label Mantra Tribe EAN/UPC 4036067346818 Price reductions

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'Entranced' ist Mantra Tribe’s second album. The Berlin-based band performs together since 2016 and has become a popular main act at numerous Yoga- and Healing Festivals. The electrifying tribal energy and hypnotic melodical arrangements rock the traditional indian Bhajans and Kirtans. This is the wild side of Bhakti! Goddess Lakshmi emerges as a true AbunDance-Disco-Diva, in all her glamorous radiance. Shiva and Kali take us on a cosmic ride, right into the core of shamanic trance, grooving tribal beats and wild pogo punk! The polyphonic vocals are supported by juicy electrical guitars as harmonic chords come from the classical Indian Harmonium. Together with deep and playful bass from the didgeridoo and fiercely rocking drums and percussion, these organically flow into something reminiscent of modern club music. On this overall ecstatic album the band hasn’t forgotten to leave a few minimalist gems for quiet meditation and mystical contemplation. Produced at the Anandamusic studio, 'Entranced' is definitely the band’s next level achievement!

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