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Durga - Mantras for Protection [CD] Vdovic, Ananda & Davor

Durga - Mantras for Protection [CD]
Vdovic, Ananda & Davor

Product no. 32199 Available since 15.04.2014 Label Anandas Art EAN/UPC 3859891166640 Price reductions

18.95 €
incl. 16%

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Durga Mantras are traditional Mantras and hymns, especially for protection from all dangers. These Sanskrit chants create a warm, cosmic expansive mood - perfect for yoga, meditation, body work, massage or profound healing. It is played in Yoga-Centres, courses, massage praxis, during healing treatments, while driving, in clinics, professionals play it against stress, plagued mothers play it for small children to calm them down or put them to sleep, some families play it when they have tensions or arguments to restore peace, many people play it against fears and depressions... And even aggressive pets have been reported to become peaceful and friendly, when listening to it! The pure and heartfelt voice of Ananda resonates directly to the heart. This album takes you into an ever expanding place of bliss and centeredness. It's calming and rejuvenating soundscape opens your being and reminds you of what it feels like to be in love. Ambient, pure Sanskrit chants, meticulously recorded, this CD having been created by two experienced Western yogis. It is simply and powerfully "spiritual music" at its most purely intended. This music has been taken up by leaders of the human development movement. Pure bliss from beginning to the end!!
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