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Chants from Isis [CD] Nhanda Devi

Chants from Isis [CD]
Nhanda Devi

Product no. 00093 Available since 01.12.1999 Label Aquarius Intl' Music Europe EAN/UPC 0600525009320 Price reductions

18.95 €
incl. 19%

VAT, plus delivery

Available immediately

The debut recording from a channeller, who has connected with her healing powers and wisdom. The listener can sense the ancient female divine power embodied by the goddess ISIS. Nhanda is a channeller: she was blessed with a gift when she received her vocal style and direction at the age of 24 during meditation. Her vocalizations are expressions not with lyrics in any language we can identify. She founded the ‘Mystery Voice Workshops’ to help others to get in touch and to express their inner voices.

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