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Buddha Code Vol. 3 [CD] Vogt, Tim

Buddha Code Vol. 3 [CD]
Vogt, Tim

Product no. 34934 Available since 14.04.2022 Label Buddha Code EAN/UPC 4270001967114 Price reductions

19.95 €
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The melodies of Buddha Code Vol. 3 are characterized by their special lightness, which at the same time are carried by a deep power - like a hummingbird that moves through the air with its powerful and fast flaps with ease. With this album we want to give people hope, bring light into their lives and encourage them to trust in themselves and in life. It reflects letting go of the old and opening up to the new and represents arriving in the long-awaited, safe and familiar haven of our lives. In order to reach as deep an energetic level as possible, which harmonizes with our body's own vibration frequency, the music of Buddha Code is composed and produced at 432 Hz instead of 440 Hz. Thus, it forms an ideal key to relaxation, meditation, practicing yoga, falling asleep and for intensive recovery.

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