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3D R.A.I.S.E. - Relax in' Waves [CD] LIGHTSOUNDPROJECT Vol. 1

3D R.A.I.S.E. - Relax in' Waves [CD]

Product no. 31701 Available since 10.12.2012 Label TrueView 3D EAN/UPC 4039967006547 Price reductions

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3D R.A.I.S.E. – relax in’ waves is a particularly affecting tonaltiy with profound effects on biochemical metabolism, which is the main regulating system for our physical and psychological well-being. This tonality rich in overtones is generated by an unprecedented combination of instruments, in conjunction with a unique vocal sound. Enjoy steeldrum-vocal, steeldrum-piano, dulcimer-vocal, crystal bowls-vocal and piano solo. Immerse yourself in a fascinating world of sound and experience a new way of extraordinaryly rapid relaxation. 3D R.A.I.S.E an extraordinary way for the reduction of stress the balance of energy an increase of vitality and creativity harmonizing the 7 chakras of the body stabilizing the rhythm of sleep calming the heart- and respiratory rate an adjusting effect on the cardiovascular system vitality basing on the 5 Element-Systemof the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
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